Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wasted Trousers to High Waisted Shorts

Turning old women's trousers into cute high waisted shorts is the perfect, and easy, DIY for summer! It's the first pair of shorts I've made, denim cut-offs don't count, and they are just adorable.

These free trousers were too big, too short, and too baggy but they are a pretty color, and a lovely suede-like fabric. They were horrible pants,but now that they're shorts, I wear them all the time!

I found these pants at the Dumptique (aka Dump + Boutique), which you can read about here. I snagged them and decided to turn them into a pair of high waisted shorts. 

High waisted is all the rage now, but they're not your average pair of denim cut offs. They are nice enough to wear out to dinner with the family, and cool enough to work for a night out with the girls. I admittedly may have made them a little too short, since I am always just winging everything I do, but they are definitely still wearable! The fit isn't perfect, I had to take them in at three separate places so that they didn't look too baggy and unshapely, but they work.


  1. Hi Amelia, this is Kirsten from studs and pearls - I saw your comment but wasn't sure where to contact to you to reply, so here I am! I used a denim needle in my sewing machine and it works perfectly fine for the denim leather jacket :) Hope this helps!

    - Kirsten/

    1. Thanks so much! I absolutely love your blog, its one of the reasons I decided to give blogging a try, I'd love to hear from you with some constructive criticism/suggestions if you've got a minute to look around! My email is Thanks again!!