Welcome to my very first blog!

I'm Amelia!
I'm currently studying Fashion Design in Philadelphia, and I absolutely love it.
I love trying new things, like blogs! and just about anything else that looks like fun.

I've become somewhat addicted to Pinterest which is what lead me to lots of wonderful DIY Fashion blogs. After sitting up all night on my computer checking out everyone else's blog, I decided it'd be fun to make my own! So here it is. This whole blog is really a learning experience for me. I don't know much about blogging or fashion photography. My youngest brother, Chase, is my main photographer (age 11) and he's the greatest! I enjoy sewing and crafting in my free time and figured a blog would be a great place to share all my crafty DIY experiences along the way.

As a college student, my budget is pretty limited. So I try to use whatever I have laying around the house, or whatever is leftover from other projects. Fashion is expensive, and I have way too many shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, rompers, blouses, scarfs, etc, which just lay around without ever being worn. I figured its about time I try to do something about that. I want to re-do my wardrobe without breaking the bank, so I figured I might as well start with what I have.

I hope you enjoy following my personal journey as a fashion designer-to-be, and all sorts of fun DIY's I attempt along the way.

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