Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shoes That Make You See Stars

I found these plain old shoes in my closet today and decided I would do something with them. One of my good friends from school, Julia, asked me to do something with a galaxy print, so here it is!

I've been seeing all sorts of galaxy print things all over the place recently, including an awesome tunic I bought in the England in August, but I always thought it'd be too complicated to try to do myself. Turns out, its super simple! It takes less than an hour too!  

1. Gather supplies! I used acrylic paints (black, blue, purple, pink, white) as well as a glitter paint, paint brushes (small), a sponge, and a paper plate, as well as a covered surface
2. If your shoes (or whatever your embellishing) is a light color, you will need to start by painting it black/dark blue...I mixed my blue paint with some black to make it darker and covered the shoe
3. Use the sponge to sponge on some blue paint, don't worry about patterns or placement, just go for it
4. Use the same process to sponge on some purple paint, again don't worry about being symmetrical or matching your shoes, the galaxy doesn't have a systematic pattern does it?
5. Your shoes should now be primarily blue and purple, with a dark background
6. Use the sponge again to sponge some pink paint in between the purple and blue splotches, you can also use a small paint brush here
7. Once you've finished with the pink, use a small paint brush to add some stars! Simply dot small amounts of white paint across your shoes to create the stars, if your feeling super creative you can add actual stars too!
8. I added some glitter paint where I had the most pink and white, to create a true galaxy feeling!
9. Let dry and enjoy! (I used my Valspar spray which I used on my glitter heels as a protective coat)

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