Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Crop Top

p.s   I am wearing shorts here! 

My boyfriend gave me this t-shirt a few months ago, and since then its just been laying around my room. It's way too big to actually wear but I love it. It's surprisingly from 1997 and so I couldn't throw it out. Crop tops have been all the rage recently so I decided I would make a cute football crop top with this oversized men's t-shirt. And it was super easy to do!

Here's how to do it!

1. Find yourself a truly oversized t-shirt, the bigger the better.
2. Using fabric scissors, cut off the sleeves (about 2 inches from the armpit) following the shape of the current sleeve, and cut a new neckline, again following the current shape of the neck
3. & 4. To make sure that your new shirt will be symmetrical, its a good idea to use the first side you cut as a stencil for the second half. You can place the portion of the first sleeve you cut off on top of the second sleeve to make sure you cut off the same amount, and you can use the first half of the neckline as a stencil to be sure your neckline will be the same all the way across.
5. Turn your t-shirt UPSIDE DOWN and cut across the back at the spot you want your shirt to end, its a good idea to try the shirt on first and mark how long you want it. Do NOT cut across the front of the shirt, cut what is left of the front of the shirt into a triangle and then cut a vertical line from the point of the triangle (which now makes up the front of your shirt up) to where the back of the shirt ends. These two new triangles will be your ties!

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