Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Bubble Hem Skirt

Bubble hems are the next big trend this season. This bubble skirt could probably use a little more volume but it was so simple that I didn't want to mess with it. This DIY is even simple enough for beginner sewers and even those without a sewing machine! Its probably one of my favorite things I've made to date. The pretty blue and the black lace look amazing together, and even though I'm a little tired of lace these days, I think its a good addition. Read more to see just how easy and simple this DIY is!

I started with this long nun-like skirt. I apologize for the poor pictures but you get the basic idea. Transforming the skirt from a long matronly look to a cute little bubble skirt was so simple and I didn't even have to mess around with sewing a new hem. The key to this skirt is simply elastic!

1. Measure your waist or legs, I measured around my thighs and got a 31'' measurement. Cut this length of elastic.
2. Cut a small slit in the existing hem and thread your elastic through with a safety pin.
3. When you've threaded the elastic all the way around, simply sew the elastic closed to create a loop within the hem.
4. Sew the elastic down where you create the slit in your hem to ensure that the hem doesn't come apart from where you've cut it.

After I added the elastic, I also added the lace down the sides, simply pin and sew! The only downside to this embellishment is that I did lose the pockets.

Now with your new elastic hem your skirt should look something like the top picture above. Once you slip the skirt on, as normal, you just tuck the elastic hem underneath and wear it at the desired length. This elastic hem, along with the original length of the skirt, should provide a bubble hem look!

Another simple addition is the black button! To tie in the black lace, I took a minute and changed the skirt's blue button to a black one I had laying around.

Because you didn't have to cut the skirt at all, you are free to wear it at any length! I didn't add lace the entire length of the skirt, since I'll be wearing it as a high-waisted mini skirt, but technically you can wear it however long you want! 

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