Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Pants to Top

I found yet another lovely tutorial on Kristen's blog, Studs and Pearls, which gave me the idea for this top! Here, you can see how she uses pants for the top of a romper, which I think is great! I however don't like wearing rompers so I decided to make a top instead, using the horrible pants you can see if you read more! Its such a simple and easy DIY!!

The only nice thing I can say about these pants is that they're purple. They sadly don't photograph very well and so you can't really appreciate how fluorescent purple they truly are. As you can see, I was a little uncomfortable with such a purple top so I decided to tie dye it a little using some bleach I had at home. Its super easy to do and you can watch it happen before your eyes to control the color you get in the end. I just bunch my fabric up and tie it with rubber bands, then I spray bleach onto it using a small spray bottle and watch it transform. Once you like the color you get you can unravel it and then bunch it up again to add bleach to other unaffected areas.

detail of above

The color is horrible here but it shows a little bit about how I made this top. I basically took each pant leg, folded it in half, and then sewed it along the side seam of the pants to create a loop for the armhole. To keep the shoulders together, and actually on so the top is wearable, I attached a small strap across the shoulders.

I cut a panel out of the lower back, all the way down to the elastic, using the elastic to hold the top on. Since there is literally no back on this top, the elastic band at the bottom keeps it from coming away from your body and keeps it securely on! This strap can be easily tucked into your bottoms and therefore out of sight. 

The top has a really loose and flowing look which is super relaxed. The back is a statement, and I love it. Especially if you have long hair, it looks like its a miracle that your tops even staying on! I think its great and I can't wait to wear it out.

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