Monday, September 10, 2012

Simple Shoulder Cut-Out Top

This is my mom's linen button down, which I found in the attic and decided to use. I've seen a lot of shoulder cut-outs on the web and think its a really great simple look. If you haven't already noticed, I absolutely love tops that have some sort of cut out, or are backless (like this collared shirt, or this cute tube top). 

It was big on me, and although I wanted to keep it loose, I didn't want it to look like it didn't remotely fit. I took in the sides and the sleeve a bit, to make it more my side.

Then I simply cut out small thin ovals from the shoulders. I tried the shirt on first and marked the starting point and the end point, so I knew how big I wanted the cutouts to be. I was surprised at how big the cutouts actually turned out, considering how small of a piece I cut, but it doesn't bother me.

I also decided to change the color of the buttons, to match the black thread I used to finished the cutouts. I didn't have enough black buttons that were the right size for the top, so I just took off the shirt's original buttons and painted them black. I used a black paint pen, its much easier than dealing with a paintbrush and all.

I also embellished the collar and cuffs of the sleeves, simply by using the same paint pen to add a polka dot pattern. I didn't worry about keeping the polka dots consistent or equally sized, as long as they were similar I figured it'd be okay. All in all, the top took me about an hour or two, and it was definitely worth it! I think it'll be a really nice top for fall, super easy and long enough to wear with leggings on a chilly day of class!

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