Saturday, August 25, 2012

Color Block Dress Up-Cycle

Before & After

I picked up this dress because I liked the material and the colors. I think the color blocking is also pretty clever, and luckily for me it fit pretty well. I was able to easily transform it from a little girl's dress to a cute cocktail dress. Once I got started working on the dress I realized that it was most likely home made. The zipper was hand sewn (which I later machine sewed to keep it in place, as it was coming off a bit), and the seam allowances weren't serged or finished in anyway so they were unraveling, as well as the fact that the lining was a strange green color. Nevertheless, whoever made the dress did a great job, but I still like it a lot better now that I've altered it!

Originally the arms were way too tight, I couldn't fully bend my arms, and I found the volume of the A-line skirt extremely unflattering. 

I was able to make changes and turn the dress into something wearable, and right up my alley! I love the color combination and the fabric. The rustic golden satin fabric was very thick and harder to deal with than I imagined so it ended up a little bit rumpled looking but it doesn't bother me too much..I like to think it looks intentional (wishful thinking?). But even so, its something I can definitely see myself wearing!

I was also able to repurpose the flower on the front of the dress as a beautiful headband! I used my seam ripper to remove it from the front of the dress and I used the material from the sleeves for the actual band itself. I just sewed a line about 1 1/2 or 2 inches from the longest part of the sleeve, used my loop turned to turn the little piece inside out and attached both of them to the flower, they just have to be tied together and its ready to wear!

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